Claims Policy


Directive of Claim: All complaints or petition should always be sent by email to This should be done not more than sixty days after the items are brought to you. Every claim should also have photographs accompanied by a depiction of the damage and how it could have happened. Our approach is to conduct comprehensive investigations and make sure all claims are settled in five working days, as long as the needed relocation money is sent to the company. A necessary thing to know is that it is against the law for you to remove cash from the final amount to use as reimbursement for any harm caused. It is also within our right to not work out a claim in the event that our staff is not paid in full for their services.

Simulated Wood Furniture: Our staff are not accountable for any destruction of simulated wood or pressed board tables and chairs. This is because its structure is feeble therefore irreparable.

Electrical Goods: we are also not responsible for internal damages caused by electronic items if they are still intact on the outside. Some of them, even if handled with caution, still get spoilt.

Appliances: Our crew is not liable if your important gadgets get dented. This is because the thin metal that covers them is prone to such.

Things with water: Make sure the following are completely void of any liquid before the haul; freezers, fridges, waterbeds, aquariums, etc.

Fragile goods: special things such as porcelain, glasses, pictures, and dishware are not covered. This is only provided for if they were boxed up by our staff. You could get your materials such as bubble wrap, cartons, tape and others, and box them up before the haul, and our staff will make sure they handle them with care. However, insurance will not cover them.

Boxed Items: Everything that is in boxes, the client is obligated to take care of. Therefore the state of anything boxed beforehand is not taken care of by the company unless you have confirmation that our people ruined the box itself. We ask our clients to look through their items to see if they are damaged once they receive them before our Toronto movers leave. Any complaints of damage reported after our staff has left will not be accepted.

Self- inspection: Before signing off on the last receipt and before our team goes. Make sure you have gone through the items to make sure that they got there in one piece. Also, make sure nothing is left in the truck.

Extra time: We add in any extra time spent on the final cost unless stated differently. This could be traffic, clients checking their things when they are brought or even waiting on elevators.

Valuables: Our Company shall not be held accountable if anything gets lost or any harm caused to items such as jewelry, important documents like passports, money, and precious stones. The duty to watch over them lies solely on the client.

Hazardous Tasks: If any destruction occurs during non-routine exercises, the staff is not accountable for it. These tasks are like standing pieces on end, having to make sharp corners, crooked stairs, getting items over balconies and hard to fit places. You are required to sign a waiver if you ask them to do any of those things.

Inevitable Damages: We do not cover any destruction by weather, or by the item not being to fit in certain places, like doorways. We can still try to move the things per your request, but our staff will not be blamed for anything getting broken, and you will have to sign a waiver. Also, if you ask our moving team to halt during the relocation, they will do so.

Absent Clients: Miracle Movers encourage our clients to be present throughout the haul. This way, they can also be there to monitor and point out anything that may end up being damaged or things that may have been left behind. Just in case you cannot be there, we require you to sign a release saying that you are fine with how your belongings will be when they finally get to their destination. This way, the crew will not be blamed if anything gets spoiled or is missing.

Loss of Value: Another thing that is not insured is if any item depreciates once it’s mended after being damaged.

Structural Damage: Our limit is a hundred dollars if your floors, walls, doors or any painted surface gets ruined.

Limits of Liability: We do not pay for an entire set or article if just one part of it is destroyed. We are only responsible for the broken piece.

No Liability: If the client or a third party that is not part of the crew decides to help out or interrupt any part of the haul, we assume no culpability.


Our company does not assure that new things or those that are in their original packaging will be put together. We advise you to contact a company that does that sort of work.

Because of culpability issues, our company does not offer the putting together or dismantling of cribs, water or tanning beds, gas equipment, pool tables or keyboards. Just in case you have queries over a certain item, you may call us.

Another service that we cannot provide is the mounting or removing of flat screen television sets. We also do not screw or unscrew things from walls.

We also do not assemble washing machines, freezers or fridges. Make sure you have removed electronic gadgets and removed all the water before our team gets there.

Please note, according to Workers Compensation and employee safety issues, all of our movers must wear shoes at all times. Miracle Movers cannot be held responsible for soiled carpets or floors due to inclement weather.


We cover your things for up to sixty cents for every round in case any harm comes to them. In the event something that weighs a hundred pounds gets misplaced or spoiled, we offer up to sixty dollars in reimbursement. For any other thing weighing more than that, contact us, and we will do our best to handle the situation.

Replacement Value Protection (RVP) can be provided at an added amount. From this, our company accepts to be accountable to a certain amount that is a reflection of your valuation of goods being transported. The conditions for this are:

  1. The client should fill and send a value listing for use by the insurance.
  2. The value for an item must be twenty thousand dollars at least.
  3. Insurance cost adds up to one point five percent of the article’s value. For example, if the value of something is twenty thousand dollars, the total would be three hundred dollars.
  4. All RVP petitions have a minimum deductible fee of three hundred dollars which the customer should pay. This fluctuates depending on the declared value.
  5. The deductible should always be one point five percent of the declared value.