Residential Moving

When relocating a household, you want the process to be a memorable and unique experience. You want a local moving service that addresses all your needs. All concerns must be taken into account for an active transition process.

Miracle Movers – Toronto local movers offer customized residential moving services by considering the unique family concerns. The services are charged at hourly rates. Take note of the price of each mover before making a final budget. The rates depend on various factors such as the readiness level of the customer, the distance to be covered, and the size of the moving truck that a mover will use.

What the Pricing Covers When Moving Locally

  • An expert moving group: At least two movers for local transitioning
  • A moving truck: Usually between 16 feet and 26 feet (click here to see pictures)
  • Materials to aid the relocation: These materials include straps, bungee cords, tool-kits, and other moving materials that will facilitate the move and make it more efficient.

What the Hourly Rate Cover On The Moving Date

The rate covers labor requirement for the relocation. The minimum requirement for the labor of 2 men crew is set at 2 hours for weekdays and Sundays. In case your move involves 3 movers or is performed on Saturday the minimum will be 3 hours of crew labor.

Hourly rate starts running from the moment moving crew arrives at your initial pick up address and ends once the truck is unloaded and all setup jobs are completed. The relocation plan can be customized and include extra stops or trips which will also be billed at the hourly rate charge. After the minimum time requirement, we bill in increments of 30 minutes of the hourly charge.

Extra Expenses When Moving Locally

1.  Travel Time

Notwithstanding the hourly rates, there are charges for the time taken by the moving crew to move from the mover location to your residence and back to the company premises. The cost is a flat fee. The fee also caters for fuel and insurance cover.

2.  Packing Service

There are instances when you need a professional packing aid. Inform Toronto movers in advance to get an accurate cost estimate. Note that there are extra fees to cover expert help. The time taken to pack is included in the hourly rates. The crew is trained to handle all supplies to make the relocation efficient.

3.  Equipment

Some equipment like sofas needs to be carefully handled to prevent damaging. Toronto moving company will manage such materials at no extra costs. However, supplies such as craft materials require additional cost. Consider informing Miracle Movers on supplies that need extra care during relocation. It is critical to note that the mover will not handle some elements with issues of liability. To check items that require an additional fee, review the Miracle Movers’ policy page. The menu covers everything that will address all family concerns.

Residential Moving Services

An effective residential relocation involves packing, basic services, and additional services.

Packing Options

  • DIY (Do-it-yourself) packing option. Here, you pack the supplies yourself. However, Toronto local moving company will offer materials like boxes that will facilitate your work.
  • Fragile packing. Miracle Movers handles packing articles that require extra security and handling such as craft supplies and mirrors.
  • Full-Service option. You can choose to contract the expert for packing all belongings. They will use advanced methods and best quality of packing supplies.

Basic Services

  • Loading Service. The moving crew will load the furniture into a truck. The items are tied firmly using cords and straps to avoid damages while in transit. Also, the belongings are wrapped to prevent dirt. Everything names for quick unloading.
  • Certified drivers help in shipping the furniture. Moving trucks and trailers are furnished with lift doors for the most secure transport of your merchandise.
  • Items are stacked at the entrance. Further on the crew can allocate items within an apartment or house according to your instructions.

Additional Services

Crating Service.

Valuables like electrical machines and craftwork need extra care. Crate such items to enhance their protection.

Unpacking Service.

Usually, the moving crew unloads items on the main level. You can instruct movers to allocate items at desired places.

Disassembling and assembling.

The service is done for items like beds, coaches, or exercise furniture.

There are instances when the moving truck cannot reach the new compound due to obstruction.

Toronto movers will offer a smaller carrier to ship items from the truck to the new house.

We work with residents all over the Greater Toronto Area including the Downtown Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Markham, Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Vaughan outlying areas including Thornhill, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Burlington, Hamilton, Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener, London, Windsor, Kingston, Ottawa, as well as Alberta’s Calgary, Chestermere, Airdrie Okotoks and Montreal, Greater Vancouver, also Moncton NB.

Everyone has unique preferences when it comes to residential relocation. Consider contacting Miracle Movers and requesting a dedicated service that fits your family needs.