Piano Movers

Expert Piano Movers in Toronto

Pianos are significant investments for many people. Most people value their keyboards to the extent of treating the instruments like a typical family member. Hence, it is hard to comprehend piano damage during relocation. Piano moving involves complications, thus, seek expert service from movers in Toronto. The experts will handle the instrument carefully based on its sensitivity, size, or age. Using advanced equipment and techniques, the expert eliminates any piano moving headache. Thus, you are sure to get the device delivered timely and proficiently.

Upright and Apartment Pianos

Packing this kind of machines starts by raising the device by an expert team and placing it on a skid. The console is wrapped using protective clothing materials. This unwrapping of keyboards coats the piano against scratching or any damage. An additional protective material covers the machine for added safety. Unique belts are used to keep the second protective layer on to the skid. Moving slides are placed on the floor carpet, and then the piano skid rolled inside a dolly. Care is significant when sliding the skid, especially if stairs are involved. Usually, the skid is positioned directly on steps before sliding across the steps.

Grand Pianos and Baby Grand Pianos

Just like in apartment-sized pianos, grand pianos are packed atop a skid and wrapped in two protective cloth. Assembling of the device follows. This involves removing the lid, pedal box, and piano legs. The machine remains positioned on the skid underneath protective materials. The disassembled devices are piled and wrapped before being loaded on a waiting vehicle. With the intense care needed when moving grand pianos, it is critical to plan the process in advance and book experienced piano movers in Toronto.

Piano Moving Materials

These unique supplies, plus thorough planning, help in facilitating a stress-free piano moving project. They include:

  1. A skid board. They are flexible for efficiency in moving the device across the stairs and effortless unloading
  2. Unique belts to tie the device correctly on the board
  3. Protective blankets. These supplies are used to wrap your machine to avoid damages
  4. Smaller but widely spaced trucks. The unique vehicles can be parked on streets with different road sizes for safe packing or unpacking of the instrument. Also, the moving trucks have lift gates for efficient loading or unloading.

Piano Packing Team

For a piano moving project, Miracle Movers in Toronto offers expert crew experienced in handling the piano packing jobs. Crew members display a teamwork service as they help clients in packing valuable items. When it comes to handling fragile items like pianos, experience, and reliability of the mover is significant. Thus, seek expert service from seasoned movers who have proven records of excellent service delivery. A reliable team will arrive at your residence on time, pack the machine expertly, and ensure quick delivery of the item to the new home. Contract Miracle Movers Toronto in advance to cut any confusion that can arise on a moving day.

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