Corporate Moving

Relocating an office is among the hardest tasks that company owners have to arrange and get done. Toronto corporate moving service is recommended for a stress-free office moving.

Plan the Move

Just like residential relocation, an office move needs to be well planned. The planning cuts last-minute extra cost. Moreover, this will save your time! 

Plan the move using the following tips:

Visit the new place to understand its layout.

Know the number and sizes of office rooms.

Make the new office plan.

Plan where each employee will be working from and where different supplies will be stationed.

Sort all the office files.

Throw away junk documents while keeping useful documents that can help in the new office.

Involve employees in the process.

Supply your employees with a map document of the new office.

Let them help in planning while keeping the business running.

Communicate with the Mover

It is critical to notify Miracle Movers of your moving plan beforehand. Ensure that employees and landlords are well aware of your relocation plans. Give employees specific duties to perform. Let the landowner understand how the furniture should be stored. Remember to give all these parties an accurate date of moving to avoid last-minute confusion.

During packing, the movers or employees involved should label each item. Consider color-labeling indicating the new rooms that each package should go to. This is a significant step in simplifying the relocation process.

Packing Different Office Contents

Each employee has its own workspace which may include filing units, desk, shelves with various contents. Make sure that respective employees sort and pack their contents separately.

Handling Technological Equipment

Disassemble electronic appliances before a move-out. Pack similar equipment like wires together. There are electronic equipment and systems that can only be assembled or disassembled by their manufacturer. For instance, an internet connection system will require service from its supplier. This tip also applies to rented equipment.

Items that hold fluids such as photocopiers should be emptied. Take precaution while handling supplies that require extra care such as computers. Employees who manage office equipment should be involved early in the disassembling ahead of time. Prepare a plan for them and other employees with extra duties assigned. You can also get technical assistance from Toronto moving company – Miracle Movers.

Dispose of Office Wastes

The dispose of unused materials, papers, files, and other work-related items will greatly facilitate the move. Consider hiring local waste collector or get an industrial-sized bin on-site to get rid of unwanted items, residues, and waste.

Check the Lifts of the New Office

Visit the new location beforehand and inspect the office lifts. The elevators should properly function and be available for the movers on the move day for a quick and smooth unload.

Always Raise your Concern with the Mover

Ensure all your concerns are addressed before a move-out. Seek help from your mover regarding the budget needed, the best routes, and all logistics that will simplify the relocation. Our moving representatives will help in formulating a plan and their pricing details.

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