Mitigating the Risk of Identity Larceny

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Relocations can be handled with meticulous planning to make them pan out smoothly, but that is not to say some level of stress is not involved with the process. With all the things that you have to worry about before and after your possessions are hauled, the last thing you want to deal with is having your identity stolen as a result of the relocation. However, people that are going through this change are usually some of the most focused on by scammers. Such undertakings make it easy for these thieves to carry out their job due to the transfer of documents and other media that hold sensitive data. Even with the common nature of this practice, you can reduce your anxiety on the risk of being attacked by taking some steps in the right direction, some of which are touched on below.

Work with Reputable Movers

Hiring local movers Concord comes with much more than just proper handling of your possessions. They also have necessary security measures in place to make sure that all your personal and financial information is kept safe. Working with cheap local movers can easily result in an even bigger nightmare than a failed relocation. Keep in mind that these firms require you to hand over sensitive information when booking and paying for their services. Make sure that you sift through the moving company reviews Concord left by previous clients and ratings given by professional websites to see if they are worthy of your credit card details.

Direct Your Mail to Your New Residence

A lot of sensitive things are usually sent in the mail, and the last thing you want is for them to end up in the wrong place. You could have ordered for a new driving license that ends up being released after the relocation date. Such a crucial document in someone else’s hands means that you could be looking at fraud. Make sure that you apply for a change of address and inform all necessary parties of your new one. Even after the information is passed on, make sure you call the institution a few days prior to the relocation and confirm that they made the change.

Stay with All Sensitive Documents

During the organization process, look through your documents and identify the importance of each. Those that you no longer need but hold sensitive data should be disposed of properly so that they do not end up with identity thieves. Consider shredding them to make sure that nobody can read their contents even if they go through your trash. You can go a step further and burn them.

The documents that you would like to remain with you should be stored separately from what you plan on handing over to the relocating crew. Things like birth certificates, driving licenses, and passports should be on your person during transit to avoid any problems.

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