Organizing the Mugs and Wine Glasses

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The organization of chattels during relocations falls at the top of the list of most demanding tasks. The chore requires a lot of time to ensure that all the goods are placed in containers securely to ascertain that they arrive in one piece at your chosen destination. The procedure can become especially challenging when handling possessions that are fragile such as glassware. Below is a guide on how to pack wine glasses and mugs to ensure their safety during transit.

Handling Wine Glasses

As someone who has packed and moved my house, I can testify to the difficulty of managing the safety of these fragile pieces. On the upside, the task is far from impossible. When handling wine glasses, it is paramount to tackle them one at a time and begin by wrapping them carefully. Start by placing the stuffed paper inside and use some more to cover the outside and the stem, which is the most delicate piece of the glass. When placing them in containers, ensure that:

  • They are the only elements in the box. The glasses should not be mixed with other pieces such as cutlery as it could significantly increase the risk of damage. You can use cell containers that come with partitioned sections for each glass to ensure maximum safety.
  • Stuff packing paper in any remaining space after organizing all the glasses to ensure that they do not move around during transit.
  • Seal the carton securely and label it as Fragile to ensure that any party handling it does it with care. When sealing the container, ensure that you run the tape through not only the middle but also the edges to keep it as sturdy as possible.

Handling Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs also demand a high level of care during relocation. Begin by lining the bottom of the container with cushioning material such as newspaper or bubble wrap. The carton being used should be of high quality to make sure it can hold their weight. Keep the mugs secure by stuffing them similar to the wine glasses so that they can absorb any shock that comes their way when being loaded and transported. When handling the exterior of the chattels, make sure to use several layers of paper for absolute protection. Once they are in the carton, use newspaper to fill up any remaining spaces and shake the box to ensure that none of the mugs are moving around. Seal the container and label it as Fragile to avoid it being mishandled or stacked with heavier items on top.

If the task of organizing these possessions appears too daunting to handle on your own, you can turn to local moving services for help. With expert help, you can be sure that your chattels will be treated with absolute care for their safety.

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