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When moving, different items demand varying amounts of care to get them from your old to a new location. Some belongings require only generic procedures to secure them for transit, a task that one can undertake themselves without the help of professionals. However, other belongings are either too fragile, have a considerable price tag attached to them, or are too difficult to pack and move. White glove moving services offered by movers in Ajax are in place to help in such instances by ensuring your items are transported in the safest manner possible.

This kind of moving service has the great advantage of taking everything off your hands from beginning to end. Their distinct method of operation sees to everything from the dismantling and packing of the items to their transportation and organizing in the new home. They also inspect the belongings once they are offloaded at the destination to ensure that each piece is in the same condition as it was when being packed. Therefore, when renting their services, you do not have to worry about anything involving the moving of fragile and pricey items.

Residential Relocations

White glove services cover a wide scope in the moving market, one of them being residential moves. Most homeowners reach out for help with moving art pieces, jewelry, and other belongings.

When undertaking the task, a lot of attention is paid to not only the goods and chattels being moved but your home as a whole. A lot of prior preparation is done to ensure that no damage comes to your house depending on what is being moved. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about even the grass on your lawn being damaged. That way, you not only keep your precious belongings in the best condition but also maintain your current home as it is, which takes a lot of stress off of your shoulders.

Commercial Relocations

White glove services are also offered for commercial relocations, and the same amount of focus paid to deliver top-of-the-range services that are offered in residential relocations. We ensure to move your items as fast as you need them but with immense care to ensure that they maintain the same condition. Everything is taken care off from organizing items in boxes from the office or warehouse and transporting them to the new location. Once there, the goods are unpacked and arranged according to your pleasure. Such a helping hand ensures that you do not break from focusing on running your business due to the relocation.

With us, you are sure to receive extra attention to detail when moving any of your belongings. Any item that is important to you is important to us. Accordingly, you can rest assured that your goods will reach their destination safely under the care of professionals.

Let Us Handle Your Move

Now that you have ample knowledge on what white glove moving services are, you can reach out to us for help with any precious items you do not feel confident enough to handle yourself during the relocation. We will assess all the logistics and handy work from the beginning to end despite the distance of your relocation.

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