Pointers for Moving a Fridge

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A refrigerator is an important part of most households, and moving with it is quite challenging. The lack of proper preparatory measures for the process can lead to the destruction of the device. Here is a guide on how to carry out the procedure.

  1. Collect supplies

Prior to embarking on the process, ensure that you have all that you require at hand. Cleaning materials, tape measure, blankets, handcart, and a truck are some of these essentials.

  1. Empty the appliance

Empty all the compartments, and throw out any perishable item that will not be consumed before the relocation. For food that hasn’t been opened but could still go bad before the move is complete, consider giving it out to family or friends. Minimize the wastage as much as possible but understand that in some circumstances it is demanded to avoid carrying rotting items.

  1. Turn it off twenty-four hours before being moved

Turning the fridge off will allow ice to melt, which will ease the cleaning process. Place a cloth at the bottom to absorb any moisture that drips. You can start with the fridge while giving the freezer some time to defrost before beginning the cleaning and drying process on it as well. Once the cleaning is done, let it stay open for a whole day so that it can completely dry up.

  1. Prepare it for moving

Begin by detaching any loose elements such as shelves and drawers to avoid any destruction during transit. These items can be wrapped like most others using cloth, bubble wrap, and other cushioning materials you have. Once that is done, close the fridge and secure it with a rope so that it doesn’t open when being moved.

  1. Ask for help

Handling a fridge on your own could be a danger to both the device and yourself. Therefore, it would be better to reach out to family or friends for help. Ensure that you all wear comfortable clothes that are suitable for the task being undertaken.

  1. Take measurements

Before you can start pulling the device to the truck, make sure that your fridge does not encounter any hurdles on the way by measuring stairs and doorways to figure out the shortest and most convenient route.

  1. Take it to the truck

Ensure the fridge is sat upright and secure on the dolly before proceeding to move it. Pull it slowly towards the car, and place blankets on it once it is loaded up. Place it at a corner to ensure it does not tip over and ensure it is firmly in place by pushing boxes and other items up against it.

Save Yourself the Hussle

If you still consider moving your fridge even after reading through the above tips, you can always have professionals do the job for you. Movers in Vaughan are qualified for the task, and they are open to providing a free quote beforehand.

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