Tips On Arranging A Small Closet

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Keeping your closet neat and tidy all the time is almost an impossible task, particularly if there isn’t all that much space. Nonetheless, by finding a way to plan well and have a good system, one can make the most out of even the smallest of spaces. Here are some tips by moving companies Airdrie on how you can achieve this.

  1. Place the hangers in the opposite direction after removing clothes

There are some clothes that we never wear or haven’t worn in a while, and they are taking up space that could fit something else. So that you can easily tell which these pieces are for you, once you wear something, flip the hangers, and if they are not turned back after a while then get rid of them. Many places would be glad to have them as donations.

  1. Arrange vertically

Most of us forget that there is space above all the closets. Make the most out of this by adding shelves, storage units, and hooks as well on the back of the closet. For short individuals, they could always get a folding step-stool so that it is not such a hustle to get up there.

  1. Use S-hooks or pop can tab to stack clothes

If you are looking for a sure way to save space, then this is it. These hooks can be used to place hangers, and they also use up the area properly from top to bottom and gives it a staggered look, making it easy for you to see all your clothes in one sweep.

  1. Put in another rod below the first one

This can be used for some things such as hanging your scarves, belts, ties and other knickknacks that get lost easily in the closet. One can also get a shower curtain rod and then use the clips to place hats.

  1. Lighting comes in handy

A lot of closets barely have any light in them. The good thing is that you could always get simple and inexpensive motion sensor lights that come with adhesive on the back so they can stick to the door. The light will create an illusion and make space look bigger than it is and you can keep them running by getting some rechargeable batteries. The light will also let one see all the way to the back of the closet, and so they can add in a small shelf to keep small objects such as jewelry.

If you have tried all of this, but cannot seem to get anything right or organized, we suggest getting in touch with professionals who help people utilize closet space properly. On the other hand, in case the small closet has you thinking of moving to a place with a bigger one, then call us today, and we shall be glad to send over a free quotation and assist with the moving project.

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