Relocating House Plants

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Relocations are exigent processes when dealing with ordinary household belongings such as kitchen supplies, clothes, and furniture. Adding houseplants to the mix works only to make things more complicated. Plants are quite delicate, and hauling them from one part of the country to another can result in trauma, which can cause the death of some. If your relocation is taking you to a new state that is a long way from your current residence, it is highly recommended to give out your greenery to someone else to leave them with the best chance of survival. However, if the item has to come with you, specific measures can be put in place to make sure your plant gets the highest chance of making it to your new home and remaining in prime condition.

Educate Yourself on Any Limitations

In some states, the shipping of plants from other regions in the country is illegal, which is why some companies will refrain from transporting these items to such areas. It is advisable to reach out to the agricultural arm of the region you are relocating to so that you can confirm whether you can bring this belonging with you or not. This confirmation is especially necessary if your leafy friend falls in the pine, fruit, or nut family. In some regions, the law bars the entry of any greenery unless it is:

  • Exclusively for placement in your residence.
  • Used for decorative purposes in your home.
  • Does not carry any pests with it.
  • The soil it is planted in is sterile and not removed from a non-potting mixture such as the dirt in your yard.

These terms may appear unreasonable, but they are put in place for the greater good. For instance, the entry of a non-quarantined plant could lead to the spread of pests, which poses a danger to the agriculture of the area.

Hire a Relocating Team

Most moving companies in Calgary don’t handle the transportation of houseplants, especially when covering a long distance. In most cases, the trailers used to carry your belongings lack conducive conditions to ensure that your possession survives the trip without breakage or withering. Therefore, it is advisable to have the plant with you if you plan on driving to the destination. Alternatively, you can rent the services of a relocating agency with climate-controlled trucks that maintain the best condition for the survival of your plant.

Organize Them Appropriately

Several days before the relocation date comes by, ensure you give your leafy pals adequate water. This practice will ensure that the soil is adequately moist on the big day, but make sure the soil does not end up soggy. If your plant is tall, use a stake to ensure it maintains its posture throughout the trip.

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