Suggestions On How To Protect Your Belongings During The Move

From the steps above, you can tell that boxing up shoes is not a problematic task to do. All you have to do is adhere to the guidelines, and all your shoes will remain in perfect condition all through the haul. In as much as it may be an easy task, do not forget that some things may go wrong. For that reason, Ottawa moving companies has also further given some propositions you can apply to ensure your shoes remain safe in the course of the process.

Avoid using plastic bags at all costs

As we stated, avoid going for plastic bags to put your shoes in when relocating. Apart from them getting tattered very easily, they also keep moisture in. This moisture then forms a mold which is bad for your shoes. A stand-in for polythene is packing paper.

Recall to stuff your shoes

This assists in maintaining the shape of the shoe so keep in mind to use soft packing paper.

Put the weighty shoes first

You should position the shoes in the box in line with their sizes, starting off with the hefty ones, and the less dense ones on them. If you do it haphazardly, you make end up messing up the delicate ones.

Make sure you do not put too many at once

Overstraining and hurling in too many pairs can cause damage to some of your footwear. You can get a couple more boxes so that they are all evenly distributed.

Always have bubble wrap

Apart from packing paper, bubble wrap can also come very much in handy, especially when it comes to keeping your shoes in their shapes as you can also use them as stuffing. Nevertheless, the biggest way bubble wrap is put to use is to cover any metallic parts like heel taps of high-heel shoes, before you proceed to wrap them in the paper. This helps to make sure the metal does not poke out of the box and spoil other things.

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