Four Cumbersome Items To Handle While Relocating

Pickering movers

Musical instruments can be a great source of joy and entertainment, however, when it comes time to go to a new home, the process of getting them there can be taxing. It is no lie that some instruments such as saxophones, trombones, and tubas are easy to carry and need no special moving, while others like pianos need more work. Often, the weight and size of these things isn’t the problem, as much as trying to avoid damaging the special pieces in them.

  1. Pianos

Pianos can weigh anything from three hundred to a thousand pounds. Due to this and all the little knickknacks within it that are susceptible to damage, it is better to hire a proficient team to move it. Other things that could ease the process are:

  • Get the right ramps, dollies, and straps
  • Plot the path to be taken and measure the doorways
  • Seal lids and covers
  • Keep the keys an pedals protected
  • Wrap the body in quality moving blankets
  1. Hot tubs

These offer a great place to relax in after a long day at work, but the hard part comes in when it has to be moved. Just like a grand piano, a tub can weigh above eight hundred pounds, and so you will require some assistance carrying it.

Additionally, the more times the hot tub is relocated, the more likely it is to damage the plumbing, causing a leak. Pickering movers advice that one used dollies and straps to keep it secure as well as:

  • Remove the lid
  • Disengage the power
  • Drain all the water
  1. Pool tables

The greatest advice when moving a billiard table is that proper preparation before the D-day will save you a lot of headaches. Pool tables are extremely hefty and can be very complicated to carry while in one piece. To make work easier for you, or for the team you hire to assist with the relocation, dismantle it and have it moved in parts. This means that the following have to come off:

  • All the rails
  • The felt
  • Slates
  • All four legs and the center hold

Check that there are enough containers that can be covered to put in the pieces. So that you can be able to tell which contains what, get a marker and have the containers labeled. That way when you arrive at the new abode and need to reassemble it, it will be easy to get all the parts together. It is also key to handle the parts carefully so that they do not get dented. Get people to help you out since they are heavy, with a single slate weighing almost more than five hundred pounds.

  1. Safes

Due to how they are designed and made, safes require a lot of effort to relocate. This is so that they can keep your possessions secure, and make it hard for anyone to carry it away easily. The first thing to figure out is the make and model of the safe because different types have varied ways of being handled. Another thing to know is how heavy it is, and its measurements. Once all this is set, gather all the necessary implements that you will need to lift it and move it. Since it is heavy, get professionals to help you out, or enlist the aid of several family members and friends. Plan the path you will take and clear it in advance to avoid tripping over objects and breaking things or hurting yourself.

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