Hauling a Flat Screen Television

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Electronics present some of the biggest challenges when relocation day rolls by, and a flat-screen TV is among those that top the list. Even though they add aesthetic and entertainment value to a home, their large size makes them cumbersome to haul. Additionally, their significant monetary value prompts most people to do it right to ensure that they do not have to replace any components during the process. It is recommended to get the best movers in Concord ON to perform the task on your behalf. However, if you would like to complete the job yourself, below is a guideline on how to do it.

Understand the Setup

You do not want to get to your new home and realize you do not know how the TV wires are supposed to be plugged in or how the stand should be connected. Therefore, even before the organization process can begin, take some snaps of how the device is set up so that you can know how everything should be placed and connected. Once you have taken enough, disconnect it from the power source and wrap the cord carefully at the back of the TV to avoid any scratches getting on the screen. You can use tape to keep the cable in place.

Take it Down

Take your TV off the wall if you have it mounted or on a stand. Have some pals help you with the procedure, and choose a number that suits the size of the appliance. If you have an LED or plasma screen, have it upright for the whole process. This is because they are built to balance weight when standing upright, which is not possible when lying down. When you take it down, make sure that all small elements like screws are appropriately stored in a sealable bag.

Repackage It

If you are lucky enough and you know where to find moving boxes and packing materials that came with the screen, then use it. If not, you can opt for a container that is built with double walls for extra protection during transit. The boxes can be purchased from online movers Concord that sell organizing supplies as well.

Use Extra Cushioning

If the double-wall box proves challenging to get, you can use an ordinary container that can hold the size of your screen and leave some extra room. Before placing your screen inside, wrap it carefully using a soft blanket that can be held in place using tape. Bubble wrap can also be used as an additional protection layer.

Load It

Depending on the size of the screen, you may have to use moving straps to get the device from your house to the truck. In the vehicle, make sure that it sits upright and is placed near-flat belongings that will not move around during transit such as mattresses.

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