Hauling a Fish Tank

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Aquariums are quickly gaining popularity to be included in many homes, offices, and social areas. As beautifying as these tanks are, they are hard to maneuver when relocating, especially if you have little to no knowledge of handling the device. However, some tricks can be used to make the mission possible without hurting yourself, the fish, or the tank.

Put the Animals in a Pail

Before any dismantling and carrying can begin, it is vital to make sure that the fish are kept safe and alive. Begin by putting some of the water from the tank in a bucket, and then proceed to place the animals in the pail as well. Plastic bags can be used as an alternative if your haul is not taking you too far from your current location, and you can have the fish back in their habitat within the next hour. However, the water used cannot be compromised and has to be from the aquarium.

Take It Apart

Once the animals are out of the chamber, you can drain its water. Again, if your relocation is within a short distance, it is recommended to leave some water in place; this is because the aquarium has most probably bred a colony of bacteria that makes it conducive for your pets. However, if you are beginning your new chapter across the country, it is best to empty the appliance thoroughly. In case any plants are in the machine, ensure they are taken out and placed in containers along with some water from the container as well. In most cases, these plants endure relocations as long as their roots have access to moisture.

The pump, heater, and filter should be dislodged before being packed appropriately. The filter can be thrown out if you’re handling a cross-country relocation and you can buy a new one upon arrival.

Carry It

The best option is to have the aquarium in your vehicle rather than in the relocation trailer as it could take up to seven days to arrive at your destinations if it is long distance. The chances of your scaly friends surviving in a bucket will grow dimmer with each passing day. Therefore, have the appliance with you so that you can set it up as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Additionally, most of these chambers are built out of glass, which makes them more fragile than most household goods. Even a crack on the device could cost you a new one, and the appliances are not usually cheap.

Return the Animals

Short relocations do not demand much since you can fill the tank with water as soon as you arrive because it will have retained its nitrate cycle. Long hauls, on the other hand, demand that the appliance be set up as you would a new one. Wait for seven days to pass before sending your pets back to their habitat, which is after it has been cleaned.

If the task of relocating your fish tank proves too cumbersome, you can have movers in Chestermere help you with the process at a good price.

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