Pulling Off a Green Moving Project

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  1. Have a plan

Planning during moving is critical since it helps you understand exactly what is required to ensure it goes off without a hitch. Decide whether you want local movers in Thornhill to carry out the move or have friends and family lend a helping hand. If you do not have any containers for your belongings, establish where you will get some. Laying out the nitty gritty details of your moving helps you spend not only your time but also money wisely. When planning, ensure you use the simple yet most effective way to get things done from the packing process to that of organizing at the new house.

  1. Use reusable bins

Cartons may be the most used items to pack belongings for moving, but they are not the greenest option. Reusable bins, on the other hand, serve the purpose and are easy to find in local markets. The biggest upside about these containers is that you can organize items in them even once the move is complete such as decorations or clothes. In case you do decide to use ordinary boxes, recycle those that remain in good condition.

  1. Give away extra goods

The more items you relocate with, the more labor, time, and money will be pumped into the move. Therefore, sell or give away any extras that you do not use such as clothes, electronics, and many others. The same goes for any food items that have not been opened.

  1. Plan your drive

Take a look at the routes between your old and new home, and settle on the shortest to save on gas. Clarify whether you will need to make several trips to and fro and whether any stops will be made along the way. The fewer the trips and stops, the better.

  1. Use a storage unit

If you see the task of moving back and forth for items too cumbersome, consider renting a storage unit near your new home where you can keep items you do not use daily and collect them once you move in.

  1. Hire a green moving company

Numerous moving companies offer green moving options in case you feel it is too much for you to handle on your own. Therefore, you do not have to give up on helping the environment stay clean and can remain excited about the new chapter in your life. Most companies come with ample experience in ensuring as little waste as possible is left during the process, and they can reuse some of the materials you no longer need after moving. Additionally, most of them are participants in recycling programs, which saves you the trouble of having to look for one yourself. Reach out to your most preferred firm and get a quote today.

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