Five Ways To Relocate Art

moving in Etobicoke

Moving company in Etobicoke gets plenty of queries from the people we work with, and one of them is usually about how to get paintings safely to the new homes. It does not matter whether it is a million-dollar collection or just a few pieces, all will need specialized care and handle when being moved. Since we have done this plenty of times, we have come up with some few tips that can assist you through the process, making sure your investment does not get damaged.

  1. Know the difference

We know that not all pieces are alike and thus cannot be touched in the same way. For example, an oil painting requires different wrapping compared to a print. In case one is not aware of how to arrange the art for a moving, we suggest getting in touch with an expert who will be able to act as a monitor.

  1. Get a specific mirror or art boxes

One of the best and inexpensive option is Telescopic art cases especially if one is carrying bigger pieces. They come in all sizes, and since the top is adjustable, it can be made to fit the size of the art. Have them bubble wrapped still for additional cover.

  1. Pack bigger pieces in crates

If there are huge pieces or goods that are of high value, then a crate is the best way to have it conveyed. This is because these are capable of offering additional security that a traditional box cannot since it is made of sturdier material. We suggest getting one with the specific measurements for what is being moved, and even though this could cost you some extra cash, it is a sure way of making sure the art is secured.

  1. Buy averagely sized containers for the smaller ones

Packing smaller pieces in medium containers makes it easier for you to locate them once the goods have been delivered to the new place. Wrap each piece on its own and fill the box with packing peanuts so that they can occupy any spaces and keep the goods from bumping around during shipping. Proficient crews should be there to assist you to pick the proper cartons for each object.

  1. Hire professional and reputable movers in Etobicoke

The best way to verify that the art will be handled properly and will arrive at its destination in one piece is to contract an expert moving company to carry out the task. As they are well taught and have the right equipment to have, the task done safely. If you are looking for experienced movers, give us a call today, and we will give you a free estimate.

Apart from what we have advised above, we also tell our clients to talk to an art expert if they are not sure about what to do or if they have any questions.

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